made in Africa

This beautiful collection was handmade in Africa.  These bags were made in a colorful mixed medium of leather and native mud cloth.  They exemplify the exact message that represents which is bridging the gap between African-Americans and Africans.  The leather represents African–American class and the African mud cloth espouses African culture. The collection illustrates that as a people we’re better together than we are apart, and The Lively African Bag Collection beautifully represents the best of both worlds.  


You’ll find that The Lively Bag is like a piece of art depending on what angle you’re viewing one of our purses.  Each bag is uniquely different.  When you purchase one of our bags, you’re buying a purse that is uniquely yours. Not one bag is the same.  By purchasing one of theses goodies you’re truly buying a one-of-a-kind signature purse. 


On top of being a beautiful attention-grabber, theses lovelies represent history.

We’ve taken the liberty to remember our ancestors. Each bag is named after an Ancient Kemet (Egyptian) female goddess. These are the women who’s shoulders we stand upon. They’re the beautiful, strong, melanated goddesses that once ruled Egypt. The Western world would have us to forget about theses ancient goddesses.  But we won’t and we haven’t, so when you carry one of our bags, you carry African history with you.


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