American Vlogger becomes African Prince

Dynast Amir, American YouTube Vlogger and Nigerian Prince

Dynast Amir, an African-American vlogger was blessed with an African “princeship” this year. The entrepreneur reconnected with his family lineage and became a prince in the town of Ororuwo, a small village about 4 hours from Lagos, Nigeria.

Amir started traveling throughout the continent of African in 2011, and has been to 13 different countries from South Africa to Tanzania. He’s known for vlogging about his adventures on his popular YouTube channel, Search for Uhuru, where he's followed by 55,000 subscribers.

How did this all begin?

“A friend suggested that I do so (visit Africa); I took him up on his advice. [That was almost 10 years ago.] Once I got there, I got hooked. The spirit just pulled me in,” said Amir, an Atlanta resident. “It was internal, and I felt a connection and a peace where ever I went (there).”

Although his first visit was Tanzania, he touts Nigeria as his African home and intends to build a house in the country in late 2019. “I fell in love with Nigeria. It happened naturally as if it was already written.”

When Amir started traveling to Africa, he noticed the appeal of indigenous African art and fashion, and didn’t understand why African talent wasn’t given the same celebrity as its European counterparts, so he decided to create a platform to feature indigenous African talent. African art and clothing are showcased and available for sale on his website at

In his YouTube videos, Amir can be seen visiting various African markets in search of art, with his selection of choice being indigenous mask and statues. “I have an eye for art,” he added. And when he’s not traveling Africa scouting art, he’s involved in other entrepreneur projects, such as writing books, and the selling of both insurance and real estate entities.

He anticipates purchasing his first piece of Africa property in Nigeria from the chief of the city of Ororuwo. For African-Americans looking to purchase land in Africa, he advocates spelling out all the details in the contract. If it’s a lease, determine what you’re willing to pay at the end of the lease and include it in the initial agreement. This traveler recounts the story of a friend who was forced to pay an additional $41,000 at the end of a lease agreement.

And in terms of feeling safe while traveling the Mother continent, Amir had this to say, “You’re safer there, than you are here (America). As an African-American man, you’re definitely more free there than you are in America,” adding that men don’t have to worry about the police and authorities like they do in the states. And anyone having negative perceptions about Africa, this vlogger said, “You can’t speak about Africa until you visit Africa.”

Follow Amir on YouTube or Instagram at Search for Uhuru.


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