Attract a spiritual lover

If you’re wishing for a lover, consider putting on your list the idea of seeking a spiritual one. Often when we’re in the market for a new partner, we list external qualities like shape, size, personality, and external trappings like cars and size of bank account. Of course attraction and out trappings are important. No one wants to be with a person they’re not attracted to.

But if you’re a spiritual person, I would consider adding one more element to your list for a lover – spirit, because looks and even money might not be enough to hold a relationship together. In fact, often love isn’t enough to hold a relationship together because a given partner can have qualities that are simply deal-breakers such as anger, trust, or unforgiveness.

But spirit -- the invisible stuff that is unseen by the human eye, won’t allow kindred souls to separate before the designated time. Because these kinds of lovers are held together by the Divine.

Don’t be confused, you’re going to attract what you are - “like attracts like.” And your lover could hail from the most unlikely places. Mine came from a different continent. But when I lay with him, it’s like we were knitted in the same womb.

You can begin now to elevate your inner spirit. You can do meditation and practice being present to become more aware of the spirit within. And as you become aware of your inner woman, just open your heart-center (4th chakra) to a spiritual partner. It’s a subtle act, yet a powerful one.

When that person shows up, he/she will be a match to you in unimaginable ways. I’m not saying your lover will be perfect, but that person will meet needs and desires that you didn’t even know you had.

Intimacy between you will be palpable and the lovemaking transformative. You will want to shout about it to the world, but you won’t be able to because the experience is made just for the two of you.

If you try to share with family and friends, one, you’ll lack the words to adequately describe your love, two, people won’t believe you, or three, people might become jealous and may attempt to sabotage your relationship.

So, love him and let him love all the hidden and unknown places within you, because he will.

God has given your spirit lover the blueprints for how to love you deeply. So, Enjoy.


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