be you be authentic

We shouldn’t have to change who you are to make money. We should allow who we are authentically, to attract money. Be who you are. Be authentic

What we have and who we are is enough.

Often we think because some thing comes easy to us, that it also comes easy to others as well. So, we fail to value our gifts and talents. Don’t undervalue things that come easy to you. In reality, these things are what make you unique. This is what God gave you to give to the world. That’s why it comes so easy to you.

We conform to the world because we see others conforming. Joe, Bobby, and Shonda have jobs, why shouldn’t I. There are institutions dedicated to our conformity. Capitalism needs and requires worker-bees. Working for others becomes a habit, and we become what we see, unless we create our own internal visions.

For a time, there’s nothing wrong with conformity, but it should be a means to an ends; it shouldn’t be indefinite. We may need to conform for a while to get to where we’re going; see it as a stepping-stone.

I find that in conformity, often we die, little by little. It’s so much harder to conform, than it is to be authentically you.

We have to believe that who we are authentically, is what we have to offer to the world, and that is what people will pay for. They will pay for you to illustrate and offer your gift. It’s about giving and receiving. We give something real, we receive something real.

Start where you are. Look around your world, and honestly evaluate all that you are and all that you have. There you just might find your jewel, your offering to the world, and the beginning of a new business. Then find people who need what comes easy to you, and sell it to them.

Value you.

Be you. Be authentic.

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