Brexit - Keeping Africa Poor

It has always been the plan since the 1600s to keep Africa divided. People often say, "oh those poor Africans. They just can't get it together." Few of us, including the most educated diaporans here in the United States even know what has kept a highly dense and resource- rich continent like Africa poor. Well, it's the same thing that brought Africans to America - European colonialism and imperialism. And Europe still has its hands around the neck of the Africa people.

If we look at what's happening with Brexit, and Theresa May's recent resignation, it's because Brexit is paramount to the continued wealth of Europe, and much of Europe's economy is based on the resources that it extracts from Africa. The pinch is being felt as Africa fights to gain complete independence. There are 19 African Commonwealth Nations that belong to the UK, including Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, and Ghana. Brother, Omali Yeshitela (Founder of the Uhuru Movement), touches on this imperialist relationship in this talk. Take a listen.

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