Building African American Wealth – Part 1

As African Americans, most of us have the same problem. How the hell do I stop working for these damn white folks and get my own? Right? In most cases, many of us are just making enough to get by. The other day, I met two people in the course of 30 minutes who told me they worked two jobs. In this country, I hear these kinds of stories all the time, of people working like this in an effort to get ahead – especially brown and black folks.

For Black people, many of us have evolved from the idea of “just having a job,” – we want wealth. It’s time. We have contributed to this country in every way – blood, sweat, and tears.

Wealth for our people is going to happen, but more of us have to develop the mindset for it, and for many of us, we might want to consider how to develop a plan that includes the Mother Continent because there are so many opportunities there.

In Africa, we can build a house for less and be free of property taxes. In America, we will have to pay property taxes until the day we die.

This is the way things are set-up in America. They want us so tired that all we have enough energy to do is work, eat, and watch TV. Then, get up and do it all over again, day-after-day. Wash and repeat. Wash and repeat.

To escape the system, we need a plan. Plain-and-simple.

I advocate knowing our options. I have a kid in college and a kid in braces (me paying cash), and it has become clear to me that in America, I will be working until the day I die if I don’t get a plan. My mantra is “I want to be free and wealthy”, and I can’t do this in America. White people got this system so locked up, it’s hard as hell for the sistas and the brothas, and as soon as they see us attempting to climb up, they reach up to pull us down. They don’t want us to compete with them because they know what we’re capable of. We hail from Kings and Queens.

So, my plan for the last eight months has been to leave America. In fact, this entire website is part of my plan. This website is the business that will help me to live in Africa, or at the very least a significant part of my life there.

So, I am teaching others how to do the same. As I learn, you learn: how to, one, develop an interest in African culture; two, how to make money there; and three, how to move there. Everything I do here is for this purpose.

Wealth building and learning how to prosper amongst my own people is what I’m teaching. So, if a kind of global trade is also your plan, or something you might want to consider in the future – stick with me.

Visit this site regularly, – share, like, comment, and sign-up.

But this is what I know you must do:

1. Vision: Have one. Have a picture of how you want your life to look

2. Save

3. Travel to Africa (get your feet on the ground)

4. Start a business

5. Learn, learn, and learn some more (educate yourself about the continent)

It takes vision to build wealth.

Good luck…and see you in the 2nd Installment of this 3-part series on wealth building.


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