Building African-American Wealth Part 2

What does Africa have? We see Africans traveling to America, in fact this is the reason why many of us rarely think about traveling there. If they coming here, why should I go there? Why I wanna go somewhere Africans don’t even want to be? That’s what we think. Am I right?

They’re coming here for jobs.

But for African Americans, we already have jobs. Many of us have had jobs our entire lives. What we seek now is freedom, wealth, empowerment, and safety.

We want freedom to move about while Black. Freedom to walk and shop, without looking over our shoulders, and especially freedom from an imposing American police-state.

Africans in Africa have the freedom we lack.

Africans in Africa need jobs.

Get this; if we work together, there is the potential for a great partnership.

They have labor, and we have financial resources. African Americans spend $1.3 trillion on stuff each year. We’re looking for wealth.

So, if you have a clothing line, in Africa, you can secure an affordable workforce. We could be a blessing to them, and they could also be a blessing to us – a true brother-sisterhood. It has the making of a full-circle experience bringing Africans and African Americans in the diaspora together in a plan to build wealth. We employ them, and they help us create businesses, and ultimately the two groups working together work to build a strong Black global economy.

This is a win-win for Africans and for African Americans, and an opportunity to build international wealth. And if we’re wise and we’re looking around, we can see this idea already beginning to take shape. Check out YouTube.

Many black Americans are tired of living a mundane existence where they never get-ahead. Black folks in this country are looking to build wealth.

So, if you don’t know an African, befriend one, and start asking questions.

Learn and expand your awareness


America ain’t the only place. We were built to live under the Sun, not the Snow.

Think about it.


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