How to become a new creation

You ever have the challenge of feeling like you want to run away from yourself. I often think of the song, "Running Away," by the legendary Bob Marley. Here's the song for those of you who don't know it: Maybe times like this are better described as a stepping away from yourself when God is trying to teach you a lesson. But you can’t move too far away from you.

At this time, God might be saying, “Sit here with yourself. Let’s look at this issue inside of you.”

Now, He’s not randomly bringing things to your attention. Perhaps you sought change in your life; maybe you asked for more financial abundance, a relationship, or improved health.

In your awareness, He nudges you to focus on what you’ve asked for. You could hear His nudging while you’re washing the dishes, crossing the street, or even in the shower. Yet, you shrug it off.

What’s happening is your subconscious simply isn’t ready for a change or ready to allow what you’ve requested to manifest in your life.

So, you go focus on someone else’s problems or some miscellaneous external issue.

Then days later, you may find yourself discouraged because you’re not receiving what you prayed for or meditated about.

What’s happening is, we need to allow the subtle nudges. God is attempting to etch that change into our consciousness; He’s etching us like clay. We have to learn both to recognize when we’re being called to be molded and to allow the molding to take us over. In essence, we must become aware of the subtle intuitive calls of the Divine and allow it in. So, don't run away.

Sit and mediate more, think more, feel more, of what you want. This is allowing it in.

A new consciousness is molded moment-by-moment and second-by-second, and with time we emerge as a new creation with the finances we seek, the relationship we desire, and health-enough to enjoy it all.


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