“I’m African American and I’m privileged”

Many African Americans may feel like we don’t have much (monetarily speaking), but the reality is, what we do have, is more than any other group of African people on the planet.

Let that sink in.

African Americans possess more power, influence, and cash than any other group of Blacks in the world. Simply speaking, we have a level of “black privilege” that’s not experienced by any other category of African descendants on the Globe.

Blood, sweat, tears, and torture earned our privilege.

Let none of us forget this.

But here in America, many of us keep looking over our shoulders for the next big leader, someone who will place us in a seat of equality beside our white counterparts. And the average African American believes that we won’t possess true equality until we have that seat that will give us freedom of movement (without police restraint) and financial access (loans and uninhibited housing opportunities etc.).

We’re looking for leaders, when in fact we’re the leaders. We’re a chosen people, a royal priesthood, and we don’t even know it. We have to understand our own privilege and our strength. It took a lot of for us to survive and still be standing here today. We don’t give ourselves enough credit. And the reason why we don’t is because of how we measure ourselves.

It’s all-relative.

It depends on who we’re comparing ourselves to, and for Black America, that’s white America. And not enough of us travel internationally. We lack a vision for the position that we hold on the world stage, and we remain right here comparing ourselves to our caucasian neighbors, or the folks on Modern Family. We can’t compare ourselves to people who owned us for 400 years. That’s being disingenuous to us; they have a massive head start.

And I’m not saying that we should stop reaching, striving, and succeeding. I’m saying we need to take our eye off of them, and put it squarely on Us. If we can take a step back and see what we do have, take the seed that the Divine has sown within us, and turn that into something, then we can grow as a people.

We have more than any other group of black people on the planet. We need to ask – why? Perhaps the battleships that took 12 million prisoners of war across the Atlantic Ocean over 400 years ago, took the best, the chosen. Perhaps we got a destiny, a purpose, some work to do.

Many of us have forgotten.

Now we got to get busy with that seed. Take it and make it grow. No matter how small, we got a seed... that’s more than most of the 1.2 billion people living in Africa.

Our ancestors paved the way, and we’re working on their DNA.

Let’s do our best.

It’s all in how we look at it.

Now, let’s do our best.

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