Let's Fly African-American Airlines

We live in a globalized society, right? But when it comes to black folks and traveling internationally, it doesn’t always feel like it.

This week I was trying to book flights to Africa. It was like I stepped into medieval times. I was hard pressed to find a flight directly, or at least semi-directly to Ghana. Don’t get me wrong, I found airlines such as Ethiopian Air, but it was work, and I didn’t even book with them, which I wanted to. I saw seats on their website, but when I went to purchase them, the prices almost doubled as a result of taxes and fees. When I called them, I was put on hold for an hour. Their customer service needs an upgrade to say the least.

I’m not trying to slam them, as I know they’re doing their best. They’re the leading African-based airline on the continent of Africa.

What I am saying is this is a huge opportunity for the growth of African-based airlines. Once again, we live in a globalized society, and Black folks need airlines that will take us where we want to go because there are so many airlines that don’t even go to Africa. How hard is this to believe in 2019 with 1.2 billion people living in Africa. Huge wealth opportunity here.

I’m just saying people, imagine if African Americans put some of that 1.2 trillion dollars that we spend annually towards acquiring an airline that would just service the continent of Africa – getting us from here (America/Europe) to there (Africa). We talkin’ wealth for all investors. I’m just saying, yall, think about it. We would of course call it, “African-American Airlines.”

That’s would be dope.

I’m talking sub-Saharan Africa. Egypt got their s--- together, but sub-Saharan Africa, they need work. Just like the south side of Chicago needs work, and Compton, L.A. needs work. Let’s put our money together y’all. We could own an airline that would service our own people.

Imagine the party on that flight.


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