Love yourself into action

Have you ever started something and never finished it? How many of us have done this. Too many. I’m tired of doing it. I don’t know all of the answers as to how to solve this issue. But what I do know is that I’m tired of seeing the dead bodies. These projects lay around my house like corpses reminding me of my failures. I’m tired of seeing the residuals of unfinished project falling out of my closets like dead bodies.

So, instead of dwelling on what’s not happening. I’m choosing to live one day at a time while asking myself, “What do I need today?” Not what do I need to DO? But what do I need?

I want to be gentle with myself. I find that we’re way to harsh with ourselves. Why can’t we be loving toward ourselves as we reach for our dreams? The saying goes, “We can get more with honey than we can with vinegar.” Why can’t we apply that same ideology to ourselves?

So, when I find myself sitting down on that project/dream, I will ask myself, “What do I need, and if my dream/project is in-line with who I really am, the spirit within will prompt me with the next step to take towards my dream.

This is by far a much more loving and sustainable way to move closer to our dreams – it’s called loving ourselves into action.


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