Make friends with what you want

Makes friends with what you require or desire. Prepare for your good. This takes both courage and faith. I learned this from a book called, “The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn."

I’ve done this a couple of times, once when I was looking for a man, and once again when I desired a house.

I now have both.

Once a friend of mine reminded me of the wisdom in this act. When I was in the market for a man, she told me to buy new underwear – I did. I have that man, but what’s funny is, he cares little for underwear – if you know what I mean. The moral of the story is he’s here.

The first time I used this wisdom was many years ago after my divorce. I desperately wanted a house for my children and me. At the time, I barely had two nickels to rub together. But while in a store, I felt compelled to buy a set of dishes. When I bought the dishes, I set them beside my bed, in a bedroom that I shared with my two children. We were living in my sister’s house. I would glance over at the dishes from time-to-time imagining myself eating at my own dining room table.

It didn’t happen all at once; it happened like this: about a month after buying the dishes, I got approved for a rent-controlled apartment. There my children shared a room, and I had my own bedroom. This was a major step up for us. This allowed me some level of solitude and the ability to save. We stayed in that apartment for 4 years – eating from those dishes. All the while, I was saving every penny I got my hands on. I saved enough for a down payment, and I bought a house.

Now everyone in my house has his/her own bedroom. We have a big, crazy, Golden Doodle, and I have a home I love. The house is peaceful and kind to my family and me. I still have those dishes. They’ve been strong and resilient. And currently they reside in my kitchen cabinet. We still use them every day.

So, make friends with something that you desire. Welcome it from afar; do something that you intuitively feel inspired to do to show your expectancy. However, don’t do it on your own. This should be a spiritually inspired act. Always try to act in accordance with Divine direction.

Do something today to show the Universe that you’re expecting your desire.

Why delay, what you can do today?

Starting imagining. Look for Divine Inspiration. Act.


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