No more hiding

Do you feel like you spend a great deal of time hiding yourself from the world? You hide at home because you don’t want your spouse and children to know that half the time you just want to runaway from it all.

You hide yourself at work because everyone else is doing the same thing, yet, daily; you’re terrified of losing your livelihood. You hide from your family because you don’t want them to know that you don’t even like them. And you hide from friends because you don’t want them to know that you ain’t got it all together like you pretend.

You’ve hidden so much that you’re simply tired and worn down from holding up a fake veil.

Although you’re tired, this is where it gets good, because now that your arms are tired and you’re prepared to drop the veil – there your find God there looking at you. Because you can never hide from Him. He was just waiting for you to get tired enough to surrender.

I’d like to use a quote from my favorite novelist, Toni Morrison, “Once you let all the bullshit go, then you can fly.” – Song of Solomon.

God gives us wings.

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