Dr. Anderson Says it All About Africans and African Americans Working Together

Blacks and individuals of African descent from all over the planet often fight about futile topics such as shades of color, what country someone is from, or what neighborhood someone hails from, whether it’s from Harlem, Oakland, or the South Side of Chicago. This is what the Bible states as “meaningless, meaningless.”

These kinds of disputes are insignificant and get Black folks nowhere. Dr. Claud Anderson, the creator of PowerNomics, a set of principles and strategies aimed at assisting Black America at becoming more economically and politically competitive. He explains why such issues are fruitless for people of color.

Anderson categorizes such arguments as low-level disputes that are ineffective and nonsensical. Theses kind of disputes fail to move Black folks “up the ladder,” and only manages to keeps us stagnant. Anderson labels this kind of mindset as a “horizontal” issue. Instead, he advocates that African-Americans as well as Africans in the diaspora focus their attention on what he calls, “vertical” issues that empower Blacks such as entrepreneurship, pooling of resources, and voting as a “group-block” instead of splinting our votes between parties.

But he explains his ideology much better than me. Check out this interview with Dr. Anderson on the “Dr. Mambi Seraki show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghyHjZJR5NQ

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