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My partner is an African man, and I've found myself becoming allured to the whole African mystic just as many of us found ourselves when the fictitious African Wakanda phenomenon developed. I want to know more about the African continent, the people, and the spirit as I observe the great divide between native-born Africans and African Americans.

One of the aspects that I love about my African man is his ability to be completely comfortable in his masculinity. This isn’t a critique of nor an attempt to further emasculate African American men, but what I have observed is that African-born men benefited by growing up in a society absent white interference and racism.

This is a missing ingredient for African American men; continuously they're forced to lower their testosterone just to survive in America, and as a result, many of them become woman-like, though no fault of their own.

Imagine if Black American men grew up in a society where their skin color was considered both insignificant and beautiful, instead of insurmountable and menacing. Imagine if they were able to bring their whole being to the world in all its glory.

Black men are powerful beings; untethered, they stand as Kings.

What woman wouldn’t want that?

What I further observe is that these two men, have much to learn from one another. Africans are our history; Americans are their future; the two mixed together have the making of a true superhero. If these two men would allow, they could learn much from one another.

So, on this blog, I will also be discussing this kind of spiritual divide between these two continents.

In the meantime, watch this YouTube post of Ariel Yahzid, owner of Earthseed, an African-based soap line, where he touches on what it's like to be a Black American man living in Africa. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDP0iEl1zjA

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