Reparations - Please Stop

Reparation, Reparation – Please Stop!

I am so tired of hearing about Reparations.  

It ain’t never going to happen in the current climate that exists in America.

You can’t make people admit to a wrong they ain’t willing to cop too. Which is what reparations means, to make amends for a wrong.  White superiority exists on the premise of denial.  If they admit to racism, bigotry and the horrors of slavery, their whole racial ideology and system goes out the window.

It’s the Trump effect: “deny, deny, deny.”

They’re thinking is more in line with the quote from the 80s sitcom, Different Strokes. “What you talkin’ bout Willis?” In their minds, white folks haven’t done anything wrong. As a result, they’re never going to admit to it, which means no reparations. The abuser never admits to the abused, “Hey, by the way here’s some cash ‘cause I know I abused you.” It’s all part of the game.  

I’m not saying that Black folks aren't entitled to our 40-acres and a mule, but white folks or any other folks for that matter don’t give to people they deem inferior to themselves.  The only place that’s happening is at the welfare office.

People want to give or be in bed with only those who they deem their equal.

White society does not respect the African-American community, and until we teach them to do so, they ain’t handing over nothing.  So please stop begging. It’s unbecoming.

We have to get about the business of building our businesses, and voting as a consolidated block, then, and only then, will they listen to our asks.

Think about it in terms of this scenario: A husband and a wife - the husband makes all the money, he has full power and control of all household decisions. The wife keeps asking for aide and decision-making power. He keeps saying, “no.” Eventually, she gets tired of asking and begging for leverage.  So, she goes and gets a job or starts a business and begins to make her own money. Now, she has power.  She can buy what she wants and go where she wants. The husband takes notice.  Now, he’s concerned about losing her and his false sense of control.  Now, when she asks him for something, he gladly hands it over because he knows that she can get it herself.

Now that’s power.  

The solution: power begets power.

We will only get reparations when we speak as a unified group and turn our paychecks into wealth by starting successful businesses.Then the Good Ole Boys will throw reparations at us.

This is just food for reparational thought.

Black folks want theirs, but will we get it - Reparations


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