Stay on the path

I find when I’m trying to move or change something in my life, that issue can become like a boulder, getting heavier as I try to alter a given situation. Some spiritual thinkers might call this “doing” instead of “being,” or trying to apply willpower to effect change.

Currently, I’m working on some middle-aged health issues as well as how to generate more sources of income. I’ve been saying my mantras before bed, like, “I cast the burden of all lack on the Christ within, I go free to have plenty,” as well as doing visualizations on what I want to see materialize on my earth.

And I’ve got to say that in the last two weeks, I feel as though the boulder has fallen on my head, breaking some bones to pebbles. Several times in my past, when I tried to make changes, and I was confronted with resistance, I found myself retreating into a cave to mend my wounds, and attempted to forget that I ever wanted those pieces of rubble removed in the first place.

Glory to God.

I am finally at a place (middle age will do this), where I recognize when I’m being pushed over the cliff, that I need to be still, look around the mountainside, and know that I’m on the path of change, rocky as it may be. Some might even call this standing at the verge of a “breakthrough.”

What I say today, if you've been praying, meditating, and visualizing for something new, and you find heavy slabs falling on your head, don’t veer from the path. Stay the course, and give thanks that the Divine is working on removing difficult masses from your life. In fact, it’s already done; you just can’t see the golden minerals just yet.


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