What do we get from judging?

I'm a Virgo – by nature a perfectionist and judgmental individual. All of my life I've found myself judging people. Just going to the grocery story, I can find myself judging folks: the square shape of her butt, the limp in his walk, the texture of her hair. The other day, I caught myself. I said, "What if I just accept the soul in that person's body.

She's not that body. She's the soul in that body. Her soul has no appearance – it's just soul. Just as I am soul."

Can I accept this? In this minute, can I accept this? If not, what is it in me that feels the need to judge? What am I getting from judging? Judging is like giving the Ego a "fix," a piece of candy, a hit from a joint. Judging satisfies Ego in some way.

The next time I begin to judge, I want to pause and ask, "What's in it for me? Why do I need this fix? And what does this say about me, or about you? If or when you find yourself in a similar situation.


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