What's this symbol?

A couple of weeks ago, I found that this symbol was following me. I first took notice of it when I was looking at some African-made purses to sell on this site. Then, it seemed almost everywhere I looked, this symbol was showing itself.

It’s the Ankh.

Africans created the Ankh symbol in ancient Egypt, and it represents eternal life and unity in mind, body, and spirit. Black folks have always been torn apart by forces outside of ourselves. To learn about ancient symbols that were carried thousands of years ago by dark-skin people, could prove to be both healing and unifying.

Egyptian gods are frequently pictured carrying an Ankh. The symbol is repeatedly seen with the gods Isis and Osiris in the Early Egyptian Dynastic Period. The Loop of the Ankh represents the feminine discipline or the (womb), while the elongated section represents the masculine discipline or the (penis). These two sacred units then come together and form life.

The Ankh was created in ancient Kemet (which is the contemporary location of Egypt). Greeks renamed ancient Kemet “Egypt,” but the Blacks folks who originally lived there called it – Kemet.

Because of its powerful appeal, the Ankh was used in various religious and cultural rituals involving royalty. In the treasures of Tutankhumun, the Ankh was a major artifact found in the tomb, and it appears frequently in the artwork of various artifacts depicting Egyptian gods such as the Goddess Maat, the Deity of truth, order, justice and balance.

I believe the Ankh to be Black people’s crucifix. If you don’t know about it, consider learning more. Because it’s our African history.


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