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This site is a platform to discuss, highlight, advertise, and bridge the differences and spotlight the similarities of “black folk” who are spread throughout the African diaspora. It is my desire to unite and uplift Africans and African-Americans.


As a veteran journalist and English professor, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time covering the African-American community. Now, I will concentrate on bringing all of my expertise to uniting Black individuals no matter where they live.  


Although many of us identify ourselves as hailing from various tribes and communities across the globe, what binds us together is the color of our skin, and when we take the time to break bread with one another, Black folks often find that we are more alike than unalike, no matter if we call home Chicago, Rwanda, or France.


One element that the readers of Lively View will notice is that on this site, we are "unapologetically black." No politically correct terms like, "multicultural" or "diversity" or "socioeconomic," – here, we’re all descendants of Africans. It seems that there are fewer and fewer arenas on the world stage where we can claim our blackness without excuse.  As a result, this site will act as a space to exercise the freedom of Black Pride. To some this might sound militant, but it is my intention that the content will speak for itself, and that it will draw all of us home.  

So, please, let me know your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions.


As we’re here to serve.


Debbie Lively –

B.A., Journalism, M.A.,English

Editor-in-Chief, Livelyview.com

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